After suffering for thirty years with degenerating disc disease, we went to Derby Hospital to see a consultant spinal surgeon, his assistant showed us into a room, as we were entering the consultant shouted accross the hallway "how old are you?"!

After waiting thirty minutes he entered the room, then said if there's something wrong with you, it's some strange name nobody has ever heard of, and she was discharged.

Unknown to Annette I wrote a letter to her previous consultant who had now retired, he wrote back to me and advised us where to go from there, so we got in touch with our local GP, and got an appointment at Nottingham, we saw a cconsultant there and was treated a lot better, after a number of appointments Annette had to undergo a diskagram.

We had to see another consultant for the test results, this consultant was cold and harsh, he said your gonna die, their's nothing we can do your gonna die, after leaving we were clearly upset.

After a few weeks Annette got another appointment at Nottingham to see that same consultant, he seemed a completly different person, he was nice, Annette said it's not the same person, but it was, then she was discharged. Annette got sent to the pain clinic at Boston and is now under some new medication.

While Annette was having a tough time with the hospitals, her own family started getting distant, stopped calling, stopped visiting, she has two son's and a daughter who have disowned her. Her daughter doesn't believe there's anything wrong with Annette, it has been three years since Annette has seen her grandchildren, and I bet her grandchildren miss her.

Then we've had to deal with social services, after trying to get eqiupment over so many years, we got a mobile hoist walking frame etc, we were able to get a ceiling hoist with seven foot of track to get Annette out of bed into a wheelchair, but they took everything else back. Annette needed a wheelchair ramp to get outside, the council were going to charge Annette one thousand pounds to put one in, so we have ended up having to save and buy everything ourselves..

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